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If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 238-4696 or email us at Our team roster is

entered by the coach based off of the information you gave us when you signed up for the club. If your information is

incorrect please call/email us and we will change it. We had a few DOB listed as 2012. We did our best to guess your

birth year.

Go to the website to see a list of the local meets offered by USAT&F

1. Click on “Online Registration only. Click Here”

2. Click on “Enter the Meet” to the left of the webpage

3. Click on “Cheyenne Mountain Running Club” to highlight the club

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4. VERY IMPORTANT- Click the box “Only enter a specific athlete on the club selected.” This is located just under

the “List of Clubs/Unattached Athletes”

5. Click “Continue” button at the bottom of the page

6. Click “Continue” if this is the meet you want to enter

7. Click on your name from the roster. If you name is not listed please contact your coach to have your name

added to the list

8. Click “Continue”

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9. Enter the email you want to use to enter all meets. This will link your name and email together

10. Click “Continue” if all your information is correct

11. Click on the events you want to participate in at the meet. Enter your best mark or “NM” if you don’t have a

mark because you have never done the event or can’t remember your mark.

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12. Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page when you are finished entering events

13. Click “Submit Entry” if the list of events you want to participate in is correct

14. Click a pay-now button and follow the instructions to pay for the event. “Pay on-line later” button

will only save your information and will not enter you in the meet or hold a spot for you in the race.

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